Case Study

Trade Story

The Challenge

Qualitative support was needed to complement technical tests in order to deliver a strong trade story. We had to generate dynamic evidence to represent consumer feelings and engagement.


  • In Home Usage with Video Diaries
  • In-depth Interviews


  • In-depth Report
  • HD Trade Story Edit

Our Solution

  • Our innovative Impact App. was the perfect way for consumers to give real life, in home, high impact testimonials regarding the performance of the product – in their own words. 
  • Consumers were set a series of video diary challenges to get to the heart of how they felt about the new offering. 
  • Following a home trial with video diaries, consumers visited us to tell us about their experiences in person, in a filmed interview.

The Outcome

The product was loved by consumers. By creating a dynamic, HD edit showing consumers sharing their product experiences, key stakeholders were able to see powerful evidence in support of technical data – a creative, passionate and real life story bringing client and consumers closer!

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