Case Study

Sexual Wellbeing Shopper Research

The Challenge

  • To understand where shoppers were purchasing condoms from
  • To understand how different fixture options impacted shopper behaviour
  • To understand the strongest fixture to drive category sales and brand uplift


  • 250 x 10 minute shopper interviews
  • 5 fixture layouts, 1 being the current 


  • In-depth report & analysis
  • HD video footage & edits
  • A fixture recommendation 

Our Solution

  • We used our innovative Shopper:Lab™ to test different variations of fixture layouts
  • We conducted in-depth interviews to understand why shoppers had made their purchase decision 

The Outcome

  • We discovered no single fixture displayed advantage above another; there was no lead option
  • We used consumer feedback to determine a new shelf layout, ultimately resulting in a sales uplift of 6%

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