Case Study

Claims - Invisible on 100 colours

The Challenge

Due to new developments from competitors, our clients wanted to be able to claim that their new APA and Stick was ‘Invisible on 100 colours’


  • Controlled usage applications
  • Face to face quant interviews
  • Mini depth interviews


  • In-depth analysis and report
  • International interviews
  • HD video footage & edits

Our Solution

Robustness was key to this project. The application method was monitored, to be precise and consistent between consumers. All consumers visited our New York facility for a face to face quant interview. Following data collection, consumers took part in a mini depth interview to sum up the new product in their own words, and bring the data to life.

The Outcome

Success! The new product was proven to be invisible on 100 colours and withstood legal challenges by competitors, allowing the claims communication to be launched on a global scale.

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