Case Study

Packaging Redesign

The Challenge

  To understand if the new packaging delivers against key objectives

To understand if the packaging fits with the iconic brand


  2 x exploratory workshops with Shopper:Lab stimuli. Engaging and creative groups to explore and understand how the new packaging fits with the brand

  Quant shopper; consumers will shop the fixture then complete a 10 minute quant interview at shelf. This was split into two cells. Cell A: Current Packaging, Cell B: New Packaging.


  Top Line Report

  Data collection and coding

  Statistical analysis

  HD filming and video edits

Our Solution

  We used our innovative Shopper:Lab to explore the concept at shelf

  Questionnaires enabled a deeper preference understanding

The Outcome

  We realised the current packaging scored significantly higher in terms of stand out

  The New packaging achieved a higher score for being modern

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