Case Study

Ethnographic Oral Care Moments

The Challenge

  • To understand and capture real life 'in the moment' judgements of whitening and behaviours associated with these judgements.
  • Further understand and probe insights delivered through an ethnographic approach
  • Draw out differences between consumers who use whitening products and consumers who do not


  • 30 x Impact App Video Diaries
  • 4 x Workshops


  • In-depth report and analysis
  • HD video footage and edits

Our Solution

Over the course of 2 weeks, consumers created a series of 'moment in time' videos using our innovative Impact App. Every time consumers interacted with their teeth, they sent a video of their thoughts and experiences.

Consumers then attended a 3 hour workshop to allow further understanding of the insights provided through the ethnography.

The Outcome

  • Uncovered the most frequent oral care moments for consumers
  • Deeper understanding of how consumers perceive whiteness and whitening
  • Understanding barriers to whitening for non users
  • Further opportunities for exploration, in particular for Marketing teams

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