March 31, 2017

IIeX 2017

Blue Yonder recently attended IIeX; Europe’s meeting of key industry figures to discuss insights, industry changes and to try predict what’s next for market research.

Whilst there we were lucky enough to listen to talks from Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser as well as other industry figures such as Ray Poynter (#NewMR) and DR. Aaron Reid.

Here’s 6 things we heard that we completely agree with:

Vijay Raj told us that Consumer insight is a journey.

In order to evolve your journey, we should stop asking consumers questions and instead, Observe, Sense and Listen to consumers.

Consumers are Human

DR. Reid’s example of looking at a situation from differing perspectives sums it up perfectly:

“It was a bold person who first ate an oyster.”

Or “It was a crazy person who first ate an oyster.”

Or more likely “It was a very hungry person who first ate an oyster!”

Expertise drives progress; technology boosts expertise

Embracing technology goes hand in hand with innovation.

Paul Albert (ZappiStore), Tony Costella (RB) & Iain Rack (Kantar Millward Brown) gave a brilliant example in the form of Blockbuster. Blockbuster were approached many years ago with the concept of offering their customers the ability to stream videos online. Blockbuster turned down this proposition and thus, Netflix was born.

If Blockbuster had done their research and embraced modern technology, the popular phrase might now be ‘Blockbuster and chill’.

Partner to win, compete to fail

Before starting any project, it’s important to work with your partners to determine the objectives and end goal, otherwise, how will you know if what you’re doing is right?

Positive results for the wrong thing are just as bad as the negative. Partnering with colleagues, clients and associates is instrumental to success.

We don’t know what we don’t know

Almost every study we conduct reveals something we didn’t expect or something we didn’t think of. Keeping an open mind and remaining observant enables us to discover consumer behaviour and helps us to ask questions differently.

Stop studying consumers and build a relationship with them

Something we’ve always believed, and something we’ve achieved. We feel strongly that having a relationship with our consumers increases reliability.

Our panel consists of over 5,000 participants and although we may only see individuals once or twice a year, we know they are actively interested and keep them updated with what we are doing.

We’re completely transparent with them, and they are with us.


Whilst at the conference, we also had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Ray Poynter and are now proud to be part of the #NewMR family. Look out for our guest blogs and webinars!

IIeX was a brilliant conference; not only did we learn and hear from key industry figures, discover new ideas and meet new people, it also reassured us that our journey is on the right track.

RB's Mathilde Levy talked us through reinventing the research process & how they accomplished this with Veet.
BYR notepads ready for everyone to use!
Exploring Amsterdam.

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