January 4, 2017

Uncovering Insights

Insight – ‘The capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of someone or something.’

Insights can only be uncovered by delving further into people’s behaviours and exploring why they ultimately make the decisions they make.

Using a combination of in home ethnography and quantitative data collection, we delved deep into the world of in home waxing; we understood the key touchpoints –the usage triggers, the usage barriers, the usage fear and the frustrations, the expectations vs. the reality, the results…

Crucially, we also understood the consumer vision of the perfect in home waxing experience.

Statistically, we learnt:

  • 42% of women wax their bikini line
  • 46% of women wax their legs
  • 14% of women wax their underarms
  • 6% of women wax their feet

The word ‘Ouch’ springs to mind …

18% of women haven’t waxed in the past 6 months

Hmmmm… so what are they doing, and how are they doing this?

Without asking, without watching, without learning, we would never know, and neither would our client.

Ethnographic research delivers fresh and invaluable insights beyond statistics; it drives understanding of what consumers really do, instead of what they say they do. It shows us the way forward!

Stats based on a survey of 200 women in October 2016.

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