November 7, 2016

Why I work in market research

Creative, dynamic, complex, innovative.

In market research, I’m learning all the time; I learn from my clients, I learn from consumers and I learn from my colleagues. Research isn’t static; it’s as alive as the people involved in it, constantly evolving and taking new, often unexpected directions, which is why it appeals so strongly to me.

My job poses fresh challenges on a regular basis, practical, theoretical and logistical – forcing innovation and game changing to occur – and that just doesn’t exist in the majority of industries. Life is fast paced and vibrant, with research topics ranging from consumer taste perception of frozen turkeys, to the 360o technical dissection of hard skin removal devices in the course of just a few days.

It’s immensely satisfying to build a relationship with a client, which begins with ideation and concept development, and ends with final stress checks and at shelf understanding – I get to see a powerful process through to completion. Each debrief or successful product launch brings with it a great sense of satisfaction.

In market research, you can truly see what you have achieved, and, crucially, what you have helped those around you achieve – and it feels good!

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