June 8, 2018

Why Qual and Quant Research Methods Work Well Together

Qual and Quant are not enemies, they complement each other perfectly – here we explain how and why.


Which is the best approach?

There’s always the question of whether a study should be qualitative or quantitative, but sometimes it’s best to do both Qual and Quant with a mixed methodology approach. This can give you the most actionable outcome from robust research.

Blue Yonder Research Facility where we conduct mixed methodology research

Is the sample representative?

When conducting market research, it is important that the sample is representative of the population. Having 10 people test a product which will be sold worldwide is not ideal and this often means that large samples are required so enough of the population is represented. But as any researcher knows, doing qual research with a large sample size can be very difficult, time consuming and not very cost effective.  This is where quant comes in as it is much easier to run some quant research with a large sample. Quant research also fits much better with large samples, as it provides robust and usable data.

Qual and qual mixed methodologies can often work well, as you can get a large sample size for the quant part of the research and get a smaller sample for the qual aspect.

Why not run quant research by itself?

Quant results can be explained with further qual research- quant methodologies are good for finding trends in data, but sometimes trends need further explanation which cannot be pulled out from the statistical data. The stats tell you that most people prefer to use a spray antiperspirant rather than a roll on? But why is this? Does everyone prefer to use a spray because of the same reasons? The smell of a product has been rated 9/10, but what does 9/10 mean to that person? Using qual can help us to answer these questions and gain further insights and explanations.

If qual research is done first, following it up with quant research can help to quantify the results and make sure that any of the qual insights are representative of the population and that it is not just one person’s opinion.

Using a mix of the methodologies means that you get the best of both worlds!

At Blue Yonder Research we offer both qualitative on quantitative methods within our solutions, such as within our technical research solutions, ShopperLab™ and category insight services so we’re massive advocates of a mixed methodology approach.

Author bio

Nina Makojnik

Qualitative Research Executive

Organised and enthusiastic qual researcher, enjoys supporting the wider team and being involved in all aspects of a project.

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