Positive – Dedicated – Caring

Katie Utley

Qualitative Research Executive

Energetic and pro-active, immersing herself into the world of qual research.

Joe Phillips

Quantitative Research Executive

Enthusiastic and analytical member of the quant team, enjoys working with stats and supporting the team to achieve results.

Hannah Rogers

Qualitative Research Director

Accomplished and confident technical researcher, works collaboratively with brands throughout the innovation funnel. Dedicated to continuity and meeting client deadlines.

Ross Homden

Qualitative Research Executive

Qual enthusiast, supportive and communicative, loves drawing useful and interesting insights from consumers

Jonathan Million

Managing Director

Insightful and innovative technical research expert, over 20 years experience designing research strategies. Loves working collaboratively and helping brands connect with consumers.

Nikki Gordon

Quantitative Research Executive

Creative and motivated researcher, exploring a passion in Market Research through supporting a hardworking team.

Becky Wignall

Junior Data Analyst

Immersing herself in the world of data. Supports the quantitative team by digging deeper into the statistics to find hidden insights.

Nina Makojnik

Qualitative Research Executive

Organised and enthusiastic qual researcher, enjoys supporting the wider team and being involved in all aspects of a project

Claire Million

Company Secretary

Proficient and organised, managing the day to day duties that keep the Blue Yonder cogs turning.

Kate Binner

Quantitative Research Director

Personable, enthusiastic and passionate, with over 15 years of consumer research experience. Believes collaborative working, results in better client relationships and strives to deliver clear actionable results.

Jo Thompson

Office Manager

Organised and dedicated. Facilitates the smooth running of our office and research facility.

Annie Tran

Operations Manager

Observant and communicative, welcomes, guides and supports our clients by ensuring all projects are successful, and communication levels meet client expectations.

Katie Allen

Qualitative Research Executive

Motivated and dedicated qual researcher, enjoying the world of market research and supporting the rest of the team.

Richard Marr

Quantitative Research Executive

Dedicated and enthusiastic member of the quant team, with a real passion for excelling in the world of market research and statistics.

Michael Calvert

Quantitative Data Analyst

Logical and systematic, supports the quantitative team by analysing and interpreting data to produce meaningful information – adding value for our clients.

Sue Hepworth

Qual Best Practice Leader

Innovative technical researcher building global capabilties for over 35 years, 29 of those at Unilever Deo’s and is now transferring her skills and understanding of global qual into the research team.

Dan Allinson

Quantative Research Executive

Versatile and motivated; relishes digging into the numbers to uncover hidden insights.