C4RI: The Types of Innovation

Welcome to the Campaign for Real Innovation, a program dedicated to demystifying the concept of innovation and making it more accessible for global teams. Our events feature leading client-side and independent innovation experts who not only talk about innovation, but also live it.

Our team includes Emma Goff, Jonathan Million, Paul Thomas, Tiana Conley, Ben Diamond, Neil Patel, and Michelle Roberts, all of whom bring a wealth of experience in the field. With backgrounds at major companies such as Unilever, Beam Suntory, Mars Wrigley Reckitt and General Mills, our speakers know what it takes to drive real innovation.

In this episode we discuss the different types of innovation. Understanding the different types of innovation is important because it allows companies to prioritize their efforts and allocate resources appropriately. It also helps companies to understand the potential impact and potential success of different types of innovation. For example, breakthrough innovations have the potential to drive significant change and create new habits for consumers, while line extensions and regeneration may be more incremental and focused on maintaining the status quo. By understanding the different types of innovation, companies can make informed decisions about which initiatives to pursue and how to allocate resources to achieve their goals.