What is Innovation?

C4RI: Innovation Foundations Episode One

In today’s world, the term “innovation” has become increasingly vague, with claims of innovation being made across all sectors. The scope and definition of innovation is blurred, leading to confusion for organisations trying to understand how to effectively innovate. That’s why we’ve decided to take on the challenge of defining, inspiring, and putting into practice true innovation. 

Watch this first episode of our C4RI series to discover how to recognise true innovation – what it is, why we do it and what it is not. 

Innovation is about the future; it’s about delivering something which enhances the lives of the users, whilst future proofing brands in their parent companies.  It is equally as important to understand what innovation is not – if we need to deliver it, we need to truly understand the boundaries of where it sits. 

Hear more from our industry leading expert guest speakers to find out how they define and recognise true innovation. 

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