In Conference with Mars Wrigley


Agile Innovation: A Partnership between Mars Wrigley and Blue Yonder Mars Wrigley lead the way in agile innovation and have restructured to deliver it; they are dedicated to disruptive innovation – both in terms of NPD and in how they achieve it. With the truest measure of NPD being real-world performance, they set themselves [...]

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MRS Awards 2021


Finalists.... After winning Breakthrough Agency of the Year at the MRS Awards 2020, we're absolutely delighted to be finalists in Agency of the Year 2021; it is testament to the hard work, positivity and entrepreneurial spirit of each and every one of the Blue Yonder team to have reached this stage of the awards. [...]

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Extreme Prototyping: Driving behavioural change


Extreme Prototyping: Driving behavioural change through innovation in FMCG Traditionally, there are two ways to innovate: needs vs. capabilities. Find gaps to fill based on articulated and unarticulated needs, or create new products and find a way to make them work (but just because we can doesn’t mean we should!) There is a third [...]

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Resilience in the workplace


Hi, I’m Karen and I have a real interest in mental well-being, happiness and resilience, based on my personal and professional experiences over the last few years... During my time at Blue Yonder, I have run a few resilience training sessions and I'm keen we continue having open conversations about well-being as we start [...]

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Covid and The Northern Powerhouse


I was asked to do a podcast recently, with a coaching company we have a relationship with, and the subject was Covid. I was ready to make my excuses, but they quickly followed up that the purpose was to celebrate the northern powerhouse and in particular the innovative approach taken in this region to [...]

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