Winning Share Of Wallet At The Forecourt Of The Future


Petrol stations are the poster-child example of functional (convenience, price) attributes driving behaviour. The ‘experience’ (if it can be called that) is a couple of minutes max and, if you pay at the pump it can be a minute, and then you’re off. There have been some signs of new partnerships in the last [...]

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CORe Asian Amplification featuring – Annie Tran


Annie Tran is Client Communication manager at Blue Yonder Research. This interview was conducted by Colour of Research (CORe), an amazing company who champion diversity in the research industry. Check out their work HERE Thank you for taking part in our Asian Amplification Series Annie! We are excited to hear and share your story [...]

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Annual Innovation Report 2022


Annual Innovation Report 2022 The world has undergone a generation-defining period of change. Whether it’s a worldwide pandemic bringing the international economy to its knees, or the changing consumer mindset that this has inspired, it has never been more important for companies to innovate. To invest the time and money required for genuine innovation. [...]

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Finding The Edge


Our industry is all about insight. We occasionally talk about ‘learning’, or ‘knowledge’ and, more often, we talk about ‘understanding’ – this implies something richer, something deeper, but mainly we throw around the word ‘insight’. It’s got those wonderful connotations of profundity and of an awareness of something that no one else yet knows… [...]

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Real Tech For Real People – ClickScape Explained


Real Tech For Real People In this fascinating presentation, Hannah Kirk tells you everything you need to know about a piece of Blue Yonder innovation: ClickScape. ClickScape allows our researchers to gain insights from the moments that matter. “Life is just a series of moments. If you miss the moments, you miss your life” [...]

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