• It’s my first time visiting Blue Yonder, what should I do when I turn up?
    • Pretty simply, just turn up and our study host will meet you in reception and brief you regarding what’s required. We’ll let you know of any other specific requirements prior to arrival.

Focus groups

  • Do I need to do anything (homework) prior to attending or bring anything with me to the group session?
    • You may do, but we will always make sure you are aware of everything you need upon confirmation on the study and prior to the group session starting.

Home Usage Tests

  • Will the products be delivered directly to me or will I need to collect them in person?
    • This can vary between studies, but we will always make sure you are aware of the method before you commit to taking part in the study
  • Can I keep the products I test, or do I need to return them?
    • This depends on the study and can vary, so we will make sure you know what needs to be done with the test product before you take part.