• We like to keep our studies exciting and engaging, so each study is rarely the same. The types of research we offer include, but is not limited to:
    • Shopper – You are invited along to a mocked-up shop, including aisles and tills. You complete a shop based on your normal habits and then are surveyed about certain aspects of your experience.
    • Booths – You are invited to test a product in our specially designed sensory booths and provide your feedback regarding certain aspects of that product.
    • Central location test (CLT) – You are invited along to a central location, such as our stunning Consumer Innovation Centre in Leeds, to evaluate a product to then be interviewed about your opinions. The interviews themselves can be carried out by one of our trained researchers or you may be asked to self-complete a survey on a tablet.
    • Focus Groups – You will be invited, along with a small group of other consumer panel members, to give in depth opinions and views to our trained moderators.
    • Online Surveys – You would be sent a survey by email to complete at your own leisure.
    • Home Usage Tests (HUTs) – You would be provided with a product to use for a certain amount of time then feedback your opinions based on that usage, via an online survey.


As mentioned, we love keeping our research fun and interesting, so each study is rarely the same. You could be asked to get creative by making us a collage to show how you feel or asked to send us a video of your reaction to a product. The possibilities are endless!