The emotions of Malodour

The challenge

Our client, a leading fragrance house had a new technology – truly revolutionary, but they also had a challenge: you can measure positives, you can measure negatives…but how do you measure the absence? How do you prove it? Crucially, how do you get buy in from global FMCG giants? They needed to do great science and bring it to life.

What we did

First off, fragrance is emotional. Massively. We needed to capture this and tease every moment of pain and pleasure from product users. In home visits, filmed to TVC standard struck gold: we found the meeting point of functionality and practicality and tracked it through product usage. We used Clickscape, in the moment tech, to prove product superiority. One click positive, two clicks, negative. Liking + frequency + absence of negative = revolutionary new fragrance tech – and accompanied by cinematic consumer testimonial videos it means absolute stakeholder buy in. Job done.