Hannah Rogers returns to Fulford High School!

Hannah Rogers, Head of New Business & Client Lead at Blue Yonder, recently returned to her old school, Fulford High School, to give a speech at the end of year awards ceremony for year 11 students. As a successful business leader, Rogers was invited to speak about success and how it comes in many forms. She emphasized the importance of finding one’s your own path in life, rather than solely focusing on exams. Rogers also stressed the value of being kind, learning from both successes and failures, and seeking out people who challenge your assumptions and offer unique perpectives.

Hannah had this to say:

“Exams aren’t the be all and end all. Life is about finding your own path. Trying hard. Doing your best. Being kind. Learning from your wins and failures. Learning from people who are better than you. Learning from people who challenge you and who think differently from you. It’s about findings edges – the moments that YOU love and are meaningful to you, and holding onto them.

What a wonderful lesson to learn and teach in life. I am very privileged to have been back, so thank you Fulford School – it meant the world. You played such a powerful role in my life, it’s an honour to think my words may have played just a small part in shaping someone else’s.

For anyone else in our industry who wants to give back to the community, I cant stress enough the importance of reaching out to schools: I’ve worked with Fulford many times over the past few years – beyond careers days, we’ve led GSCE and A-Level Business lessons, given talks, taken work experience students and co-created the methodologies of the future. I know we’re all busy (Q4!!!) but this is one of the things worth making time for”