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Love them or hate them, NPS scores are everywhere in the brand world; but should they be? At Blue Yonder, we’re big believers in tracking metrics that matter, asking and tracking the right questions for businesses which have a direct link to commercials and the real world. What that metric is will vary depending on your business.

Facilitated by Blue Yonder MD and brand expert Richard Heath, we bring together the senior voices of EasyJet’s Chris Carr, Nord Anglia’s Marshall Creamer and Aura Director/Fathom Research’s Suzanne Lugthart to challenge the status quo: we deliver powerful debate, sharing client-side lessons in when to use and when not to use NPS – when it works and what it can deliver, and when using to other metrics has greater business impact. This digital webinar is certainly going to make waves – so watch this space – you’ll be hearing for us in the next few weeks!

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Suzanne Lugthart

Suzanne Lugthart is an award winning clientside researcher who has worked at some of the nation’s best known brands including ITV, Rightmove and eBay. Now, as Fathom Research, she provides interim research help to clientside teams taking on overflow projects or delivering an extra pair of hands when needed

Marshall Creamer

Marshall Creamer works as a Marketing Research Manager at Nord Anglia Educations. Marshall sits within Nord Anglia’s MAC team (Marketing, Admissions, Communications), where he works alongside his counterparts in Brand, Comms, Digital, and Admissions to facilitate research globally for Nord Anglia.

Chris Carr

Chris Carr is an experienced researcher, currently working as a Consumer Insight Manager at Easy Jet. Chris helps to form positive changes by using the right research methods at the right time, understanding how advertising works and how brands grow.

Richard Heath

Joined Blue Yonder in 2018 after 20 years leading insight work with some of the world’s most famous marketing teams. Richard is a Brand and Communication Insight specialist. He’s worked with C Suite teams around the world to find growth, and help leaders make stronger, insight driven, decisions.

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