Brand Research Expertise

Helping our clients get closer to the truth, in the moment of truth.

We deliver specific edges that help brands win and are rooted in people’s behaviour and commercial reality.
Brand market research has changed forever.

We deliver marketing insights, by:

• Using first principles thinking to understand your brand/situation in high-definition detail
Identifying the truths in the moments that matter
Being commercial in our recommendations, putting a £ value on changes as if we ran your brand or business
We’re method neutral, tech savvy and design for impact

Real consumer insights to help drive your brand perception, brand positioning, brand awareness and your marketing campaign.


The Core beliefs that drive us…

It’s about finding the inches…

Brand Expertise

  • Growth drivers

  • Demand segmentation

  • Message prioritisation

  • Touchpoint prioritisation

  • Concept and ad testing

  • Performance tracking and optimisation

How do we do it?

  • Mixed method

  • Neuroscience

  • Clickscape

  • Data consulting

  • Assimilation

  • Insight content creation

"Blue Yonder is synonymous in our company with the highest quality research – with fun along the way"

Brand Director, UK

Client brand stories

“Out of the agencies I’ve worked with in my career, BYR is the one I would always go to if I wanted the brief to be pushed further. They always take the time to understand the business context, constructively challenge the brief.”

Director, Major Global Brand

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