Blue Yonder Q2 Innovation Awards

We are delighted to announce the winners of the Blue Yonder Q2 Innovation Awards!

Congratulations to Steph Harper & Ellie Atack!

Each quarter, Hannah Kirk hosts the Innovation Review, in which each Blue Yonder department presents their latest innovation. The Blue Yonder team then votes on the best innovation, and the best presentation!

Best Innovation goes to Steph Harper for her amazing work on ‘Geo-Data Visualisation’, an automated process developed to allow Blue Yonder to visualise #Clickscape data in reference to geo-location. Innovations like this push the boundaries of our research and streamline future projects.

Best presentation was awarded to Ellie Atack. Ellie created a comical and engaging video to explain ‘the field work debrief’, a 15 minute meeting at the end of CLT to ensure all the correct steps are taken.

The innovation Awards are at the heart of Blue Yonders innovation culture & we look forward to celebrating our future winners!