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Shopper insights

Deliver: 3rd stage of innovation

Ensuring you win at the moment of truth

Real world shopper testing facility, Shopper:lab™.

The only way to know if your product or new pack design will work in the real world, is to test it in the real world.

  • Shopper lab tests

  • Physical planogram testing

  • New launch optimisation

  • Category growth testing

  • POS impact

  • Range reviews

  • Pack impact

It’s time to test your packaging in the real world, on real shelving, with real shoppers, to find out how it will perform.

We will create actionable, real world data to drive the right decisions to enable your product to fly off the shelf.

Shopper research

  • Shopper:lab™

  • In store ethnography research

  • Eye tracking

  • Hot spotting

  • Digital planogram creation

  • Digital store mock up

  • Data consulting

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What are shopper insights?2023-11-09T17:09:45+00:00

Shopper insights refer to the information and understanding gained through the analysis of consumer behaviour, product preferences, and decision making processes during their shopping experience. These insights help businesses and retailers make data-driven decisions, optimise their product offerings, store layouts, marketing strategies, and more to better meet the needs and expectations of their customers.

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