Our values

We believe these values are the key to our continued success.

Our story

Blue Yonder began life in the late 90’s when Unilever’s favoured delivery company went bust. Our founder, Jonathan, was a driver for that firm.

Entrepreneurial by nature, he asked if he could do the driving – then he did it better and faster. Over the next 20 years he worked his way up the value chain, building one of the UK’s leading R&D insight companies. Now our Chief Innovation Officer, Jonathan continues to follow his first love; ideas and doing things faster and better.

His entrepreneurial mindset remains critical to our culture. Platforms, tools, innovations aside, it’s the mindset that makes us different.

Jonathan Million - Founder of Blue Yonder Research

Jonathan Million, Founder of Blue Yonder Research

Our culture

We like to think we’re innovative, creative, fun, interesting, and decent kinds of people to work with. But you should judge that for yourself, when we meet 😊.

We work hard to make sure we pay well. We offer generous holidays. Healthcare is an option for senior roles. We have a very flexible maternity policy. We share profits.  If the company does well everyone benefits. In the last 3 years we have been able to share tens of thousands of pounds with the whole team.

We were flexible before the pandemic, and now we’ve embraced hybrid and flexible working. We make sure we come together regularly to learn and stay close as a team. But we also empower and trust our people to get the job done with flexibility so it works for them.

Flexibility is important to wellbeing and mental health. It’s about finding the right balance for you. As well as a supportive line management and mentoring structure, we also offer an independent Employee Assistance Programme. It’s a phone line available in case any of the team ever need someone to talk to… about anything at all in, or out of work.

We don’t have set hours, because we’re not a shop. It’s more about making sure the work gets done between us to a high standard. We use tech to communicate and make sure everyone gets plenty of time to enjoy what matters most to them outside of work.

MRS Inclusion PledgeWe take diversity and equality seriously. Blue Yonder is a full signatory to the MRS Inclusion pledge, and we have an internal working group committed to education, championing, and spotting opportunities to improve Diversity, Inclusion and Equality across the business.

We don’t really do unnecessary fluff, so we don’t have a long list of ‘perks’. We promise a flexible environment and if there is something that’s important to you (be it a bus pass, a charity day or a specific day when you need to pick the kids up) let’s talk.

If that sounds good to you, we’d love to meet you!

We’re always looking to talk to passionate people looking to enter the market research world! Head to our careers page to learn more about working with Blue Yonder Research, and explore our current vacancies!

Our senior leadership team

A key factor in driving any successful company culture is a connected, dedicated and transparent leadership.

Our internal working groups

We run a variety of internal groups to help us collaborate, drive positive changes to be inclusive and to identify areas where we can be more sustainable, all whilst having fun along the way.

Our events and socials

Ready to talk?

Tell us about your goals. Whatever the stage, whatever the horizon, let’s find a way to get your business an edge.