Our Values

Authenticity, Entrepreneurship, Partnership and Positivity


We like to tell it how it is, we like to speak our mind and we love being able to be ourselves at all times. This mindset is critical to getting innovation done and having fun doing it. You'll be encouraged to get involved!


It’s all based on asking clients one question; what do you need? The many answers to that question lead us into new spaces.


Blue Yonder is a hub, the point where many others meet. Agencies, platforms, coders, app designers, artists, animators…


When you try new things, they don't always work. But that's how we learn. We're not saying everyone must always have a huge smile (although that's nice!). What we really value is the ability to learn and grow, and overcome challenges as they come up. Innovation is not a straight, flat road. It's about how we respond when it gets bumpy.

We need people who like meeting new people and figuring out ways to collaborate.

Our story

Blue Yonder began life in the late 90’s when Unilever’s favoured delivery company went bust. Our founder, Jonathan, was a driver for that firm.

Entrepreneurial by nature, he asked if he could do the driving – then he did it better and faster. Over the next 20 years he worked his way up the value chain, building one of the UK’s leading R&D insight companies. Now our Chief Innovation Officer, Jonathan continues to follow his first love; ideas and doing things faster and better.

His entrepreneurial mindset remains critical to our culture. Platforms, tools, innovations aside, it’s the mindset that makes us different.

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