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  • Building Client Relationships

    I took a big step a few months ago and made the move to Blue Yonder. So far it’s been thrilling, interesting and genuinely challenging (in a good way!). And getting to know a [...]

  • Covid and The Northern Powerhouse

    I was asked to do a podcast recently, with a coaching company we have a relationship with, and the subject was Covid. I was ready to make my excuses, but they quickly followed up [...]

  • Parenting in Lockdown

    With negative media reports of staff working and sending emails after traditional working hours, it got me thinking - do we need to worry that our team are working unsociable hours in these times, [...]

  • The 24 Year Breakthrough

    In December 2020, the agency I founded over 20 years ago, won the Breakthrough Business of The Year Award. Awarded by the UK governing body of our industry, The Market Research Society (MRS) it [...]

  • What a 1968 vinyl White Album teaches us about insight

    This is quite a risky thing to say. Sometimes I think the real world is undervalued by the insight industry. You know, the world where you give a product or idea to a person [...]

  • Client briefs are demanding, time consuming, uncertain and often very untimely… which is exactly why I love them!

    In these times of Faster, Cheaper & Better, agencies and clients are constantly pushing and squeezing the boundaries of what is necessary in a process and what isn’t. This has led to some very [...]

  • Where insight can really drive growth

    In the Moment Matters We are all trying to live in the moment more; we know it’s where the happy, healthy people are. We see this in the success of wellness platforms, and the [...]

  • Automation vs The Consumer

    Whether you buy or provide research, one word is hard to avoid: Automation. There are three other words that are impossible to avoid: Faster, Better, Cheaper. All four make it very hard to keep [...]

  • What is a modern insight agency?

    Last July I decided to change my country, my company and my clients. I left Asia after 6 years and came home looking for change... Since then I’ve had more existential, and often late [...]

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Blue Yonder was The UK MRS Breakthrough agency of the year in 2020. The team is also recognised as a GRIT Global top 50 Innovative Company. Our success has been driven by the unique way we organize our people.

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Five teams built around expertise, not methods. Each team skilled in a range of new and traditional research approaches. So whether it’s detailed R&D or Strategic commercial, the Labs give us the flexibility and precision to find those edges.

Best in class R&D insight and product testing.

Commercial insight for Brand and Consumer Insight teams.

Driving category growth and winning at the moment of truth.

Best in class technical qualitative.

Incubating Insight Tech. Investing our own profits to ensure our clients are using tools that give them an edge.

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