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What is a Likert scale?


What is a Likert scale? A Likert scale is a type of rating scale commonly used in surveys and questionnaires to measure people's attitudes, opinions, or perceptions. It typically consists of a series of statements or questions, to which respondents indicate their level of agreement or disagreement on a predefined scale. The likert scale [...]

What is a Likert scale?2023-11-13T09:20:37+00:00

Creating the Future of Snacking


Industry: Retail Category: Food Location: UK Solution: Qual "We know we're in safe hands when it comes to qualitative research with Blue Yonder, thank you to the team for your help and support with this project, the consumer insight has been extremely valuable." Igniting... fast-paced qual testing The [...]

Creating the Future of Snacking2023-11-08T12:40:08+00:00

Consumer Panel Expands to Meet Exceptional Demand


Sensory Consumer Panel Growth We’re thrilled to announce the remarkable growth of our sensory consumer testing panel: Sense:Buds.   Sense:buds is a community of over 12,000 active product testers managed by our expert in-house panel recruitment team led by Ellie Atack. Over the last 12 months the panel has experienced an unprecedented surge in growth [...]

Consumer Panel Expands to Meet Exceptional Demand2023-10-18T11:40:01+00:00

Optimising a New Sporting Experience with Clickscape®


Industry: Sport Category: Golf Location: UK Solution: Clickscape® “We are in the very early stages of our brand journey, with each event day improving on the last. Clickscape has been the perfect tool for us; simple, fast and insightful. Our events are better because of it.”  Ross Antrobus, VP Insight, Analytics and [...]

Optimising a New Sporting Experience with Clickscape®2023-11-24T12:36:33+00:00

Driving Precision in a Claims HUT


Industry: FMCG Category: Personal Care Location: UK Solution: Claims & AlertYa™ "It's very user friendly. I like the reminders as I have a very busy work life and the app helps me remember I have tasks to do and I can make sure they are done when needed."  Research participant feedback [...]

Driving Precision in a Claims HUT2023-11-01T09:16:51+00:00

Key Touchpoints Throughout Product Journey


Industry: FMCG Category: Home care Location: UK Solution: AlertYa™ "We were so impressed by the app, it enabled access to consumer insights as they were happening which resulted in rich data and a very successful project… thank you Blue Yonder!" Understanding key touchpoints... throughout a product journey The [...]

Key Touchpoints Throughout Product Journey2023-11-01T09:14:53+00:00

Insight and Impact Through Storytelling


Industry: FMCG Category: Personal Care Location: UK Solution: Claims & Storytelling "I was thoroughly impressed with the team, they are committed, proactive and an absolute pleasure to work with." Bringing great research to life... Claims are powerful in their own right; they give statistical confidence, hard-and fast evidence that [...]

Insight and Impact Through Storytelling2023-11-20T11:47:12+00:00

AlertYa™: Surveys in the Moments that Matter


Blue Yonder recently launched AlertYa™, a fully customisable app that delivers surveys at the moments that matter. We had the opportunity to sit down with Hannah Kirk, Innovation Manager and the creator of AlertYa™, to learn more about the app and her journey in bringing it to life. How did the idea of AlertYa™ [...]

AlertYa™: Surveys in the Moments that Matter2023-11-09T13:46:50+00:00

Delivering Superiority Through Experience Mapping


Industry: FMCG Category: Home care Location: UK Solution: Experience Mapping "The team at Blue Yonder were exceptional, they exceeded our expectations and were able to deliver game changing results – I would highly recommend their expertise." We brought unparalleled actionability and precision to experience mapping to deliver superiority for [...]

Delivering Superiority Through Experience Mapping2023-11-01T09:31:09+00:00

Webinar: Sustainability Now


Can sustainability sustain in a cost of living crises? We’re in a cost-of-living crises. Surely people have more on their mind than sustainability? Yes, they do. But that doesn’t mean the end of the sustainability growth seen in recent years. People just need the conditions to be exactly right. Product and marketing efforts can [...]

Webinar: Sustainability Now2023-08-10T14:51:42+00:00
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