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Category & market needs

Ignite: 1st stage of Innovation Cycle

Where to focus your next innovation?

To move to the next level of growth, or to reinvigorate a product or category which has stopped growing, you need to understand exactly what the market needs.

  • What truly drives purchase?

  • Where is the opportunity?

  • Which needs are going unmet?

  • Which occasions represent the biggest volume and value gains?

  • Which audiences are ready to accept the product or brand and help it grow?

We are experts at carrying out efficient and detailed assessments of the category landscape, where your product sits within it, and how best to unlock the next wave of growth.

How do we achieve this?

We do this by simply assessing product or brands performance vs. the drivers of purchase in each key moment or occasion. We can then provide quantitative guidance on where the next move should be for either product or messaging.

The results will give you focus for growth.  With a strong assessment of the market needs and what unlocks them, you will be able to make strategic or tactical decisions to get ahead of your competition.

Key benefits and value:

  • Plan innovations and products with confidence

  • Get insight to enable renovations and revolutions

  • Develop product portfolios which are optimised vs. the needs and occasions of the market

  • Receive powerful category visions to engage the business and trade

  • Unlock barriers and leverage triggers

  • Use the latest Neuro techniques to uncover what you don’t know you don’t know

  • Get the human truths within the moment video

Frequently asked questions

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What are category needs?2023-11-09T17:10:25+00:00

They drive the category forwards. The reasons people buy. If we truly understand these needs and assess our product portfolio vs. these needs, we can clearly see where we are strong and weak, and therefore how to grow.

What is key driver analysis?2023-11-09T17:07:52+00:00

Key driver analysis is a statistical method used to identify and prioritise the most influential factors or variables that significantly impact a particular outcome or dependent variable. It is commonly used in market research, data analysis, and business strategy to determine which factors have the most significant effect on a target metric. This analysis helps businesses and researchers understand which variables or drivers are critical for achieving desired outcomes and where to focus their efforts for improvement or optimisation.

How to identify market needs?2023-11-09T17:07:15+00:00

Identifying market needs involves:

  • Market research: conduct thorough research to understand customer preferences, pain points, and emerging trends
  • Customer surveys: gather feedback from potential customers to pinpoint their demands
  • Competitor analysis: study competitors to identify gaps in their offerings
  • Data analysis: analyse data from various sources to spot opportunities
  • Prototype testing: build prototypes to validate your assumptions with real users
  • Feedback iteration: continuously refine your product or service based on user input
  • Stay updated: keep monitoring the market for evolving needs

Remember, understanding and addressing customer needs is an ongoing process.

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