Local Nuances in a Global Landscape

Balancing the practical and the emotional

The Challenge:

In hospitality, striking a balance between function and emotion is paramount. Price, convenience, and comfort compete with tailored experiences, emotional warmth, and delight. Our task was to help a global group decipher the equilibrium of these elements, both globally and locally.

The Solution:

Our exploration revealed that local nuances held significant importance. While the global brand offered a sense of unity and added value to each location, it was the practical, on-the-ground facets that were truly driving value. By recognizing this, we presented a clear path for our client to refocus their efforts.

The Result:

By honing in on the essential components and prioritising them, we enabled our client to target their communications and experiences more effectively. The result was a clearer, more actionable strategy that aimed directly at growth opportunities.

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