Revitalising the Pasta Aisle

From boredom to boom: Unleashing hidden potential with Blue Yonder

The Challenge:

The category was boring. Even the client’s own business found it boring and so did retailers. Yet, it was used in almost every home every day. There was a huge opportunity to excite the trade and create a new wave of innovation to drive growth. But first the big questions were – who do we innovate for? Which needs are going unmet?

The Solution:

Blue Yonder implemented the quant category assessment toolkit. After deeply analysing the client’s existing data, our team identified the key occasions and moments the category addressed. We then profiled these occasions to determine which had the highest potential for growth. This potential was based on the moments the client’s products were under-leveraged AND yet were able to meet needs currently going unmet.

The Result:

The result was a clear map of occasions to target all diagnosed in detail vs. The Ws framework providing a road map for NPD and communicate development. We then collected videos amongst people from experiencing the key moments and turned these into powerful edits for retail engagement. In short, the team created a category vision, to excite the business and trade.

Through this strategic approach, we were able to transform a perceived “boring” category into one teeming with possibilities. The clear mapping of occasions to target, combined with compelling storytelling through videos, invigorated the category.

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