Shopper:lab™ Experience Exposing New Possibilities

The Challenge:

Amidst a rebranding effort, the objective was to highlight the positive impact of the client’s initiatives and the transformative outcomes associated with its offering. The challenge was to ensure that the revamped point-of-sale (POS) resonated with existing customers and attracted attention from both lapsed customers and those who had not previously engaged with the offerings. This evaluation considered the alignment of the POS with the client’s overarching goals.

The Solution:

Our innovative approach involved a mixed-method strategy, combining a comprehensive Shopper:lab™ experience and subsequent qualitative in-depth interviews (IDIs). Participants, drawn from our in-house panel Sense:buds, comprised a diverse mix of active customers and those that had not previously engaged with the offering, to assess perceptions of the new and existing POS, using our real world shopper testing facility.

We conducted qualitative IDIs to delve deeper into specific aspects, evaluating the effectiveness of the POS, identifying standout features, assessing the strength of messaging, determining uniqueness, and comparing the new POS with its predecessor.

The Result:

We generated comprehensive insights covering various facets of the POS. The findings provided a holistic understanding of both new and existing product displays, offering actionable ideas for optimising the new POS. We provided recommendations based on the strengths identified in the current approach and advised on elements to retain from the existing POS.

We extended the analysis further to suggest enhancements for aspects where the new POS outperformed its predecessor, delivering detailed insights to enhance its effectiveness, and ensuring the client’s designs were future proofed.

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