Exploratory Shopper Pack Testing

The Challenge:

The primary challenge was to address the instability of the new product packaging at the shelf level. With the top-heavy design causing products to topple over easily, there was a clear need to assess the extent of this issue and determine whether it was affecting consumer experiences in retail environments.

The Solution:

To address the challenge at hand, we devised a comprehensive Shopper:lab™ study aimed at simulating real-world conditions. Participants were instructed to interact with both the new and previous product designs at various shelf heights to replicate the conditions found in stores. Our interviewers meticulously observed and recorded instances where the products fell over, providing valuable insights into the severity of the problem.

To capture these insights in real-time, we employed our state-of-the-art 360-degree body cam setup, recording from a first-person perspective. This allows us to clearly demonstrate to the client precisely what was happening as the participants engaged with the product.

The Result:

The findings from the shopper study unequivocally demonstrated that the new product packaging design was indeed experiencing stability issues on the shelf. Notably, the top-heavy nature of the design led to a higher frequency of falls, particularly at lower shelf heights. This insight necessitated a re-evaluation of the product’s design to enhance its stability and prevent disruptions in the retail setting.

Following this initial discovery, further research was conducted to identify a more stable design. Three new prototype designs were tested in-store, and a new shopper study was conducted to assess their performance against the previous design. In-depth interviews were also conducted to understand consumer preferences in terms of handling the new prototypes.

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