Ads tested, smart and simple

The Challenge

There is a lot of nonsense surrounding ad testing. It’s all black boxes, quick and dirty, automated, hijacked by databases, too much fluff, too much science.

No category is the same. Few objectives are the same. If they were, life would be pretty dull. So why standardise testing?

Why choose between depth and price. Why not just do something smart that finds out what you need to know, no more, no less?

What we did

A fantastic meat free protein brand needed to know if its bold new angle on food would resonate.

We blended facial coding, quant metrics and video feedback together: data for the facts, facial coding for the emotion, video so the client could look normal people in the eye and hear them.

We kept it lean, smart and focussed, and delivered within a week for £7k per video. The client pushed on.