The smell of ‘Shine’ – dishwasher tablet fragrance testing

The Challenge

Our client wished to benchmark new fragrance submissions suitable for dishwasher products, submitted from a range of fragrance houses, against 2 current benchmarks.
The ultimate objective was to understand which two fragrances delivered the best results and appealed to consumers’ perceptions of what evokes the smell of ‘shine’.

What we did

We needed 10 dishwasher machines all in situ, all identical, all at the same site. This required us to think outside the box and look at the options we had available. We settled with utilising ‘serviced apartments’; standardised rooms each with a standardised dishwasher to mimic a real life environment. We hired out 10 separate rooms over the course of a week, one for each fragrance, and asked consumers to attend in small groups and assess the fragrance in a rotated order, answering questions about each.