In Conference with Mars Wrigley

Agile Innovation: A Partnership between Mars Wrigley and Blue Yonder

Mars Wrigley lead the way in agile innovation and have restructured to deliver it; they are dedicated to disruptive innovation – both in terms of NPD and in how they achieve it. With the truest measure of NPD being real-world performance, they set themselves a proof of concept challenge: new world understanding in the real world. This meant getting early stage NPD into stores to learn, not just about the product, (stop, pivot or continue?) but about the approach: is this the long term model to speed up innovation pipelines?

In Blue Yonder, Mars Wrigley found the right partners – an entrepreneurial, innovative mindset combined with relentless practicality. Together, they built a relationship with a retailer equally dedicated to innovation, and created a solution delivering mutual value. With so much excitement and intent, getting the right project was crucial; full stakeholder support was needed.

This session will share the logistical challenges of achieving this: practical barriers to overcome and solutions put in place to maximise success.

This isn’t about doing things differently for the sake of it, it’s about thinking differently to achieve something greater; it’s about a learning mindset  – progress over perfection – finding new ways to unlock the next level of investment.

To find out more, please do not hesitate to get in touch: [email protected]

Hannah Rogers

Head of New Business and Client Lead

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