Unmet needs come to Blue Yonder to be satisfied. Got a new technology or an idea that existing methods can’t handle? Looking for new tech but not for tech’s sake? Come and talk to us.

In the last two years, over half of Blue Yonder profits have been reinvested into R&D work. Jonathan Million, Chief Innovation Officer, sits on the board of the business.

Entrepreneurship is always represented in key decisions. There is always time for a brainstorm, that meeting before the brief, the ‘what if…’ conversations. This is, after all, why the team come to work. Simply, it is the DNA of the team.

This approach creates a Modern Kind of Agency

Three kinds of Innovation

Our Innovations

The first industry tool that can capture sensorial, emotional or behavioural feedback exactly when it happens, in the real world. We assessed the tools available for understanding moments (diary apps, social listening, neuro and the rest) and realized there was a huge gap. Nothing could combine a near to system 1 appraoch with actually being in the real world, at a scale large enough to generate robust insight. So we hit the lab and Clickscape was born. Now used globally by clients who need to understand their product performance over time, and get closer to the moments that matter.



Controlled surveys delivered via our specialist, user friendly app.

  • Surveys around events or time periods.

  • Delivered wherever people are, whatever they are doing

  • Allows you to check performance of products at regular intervals

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