How do you make sure real FMCG innovation actually reaches market?

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Are you client-side? Do you work in R&D in FMCG? Then this on-demand webinar recording is for you….

Two leading FMCG innovators joined us at Blue Yonder in Leeds for this live webinar. Now it is available for you to watch at your leisure.

Innovation is about so much more than the idea. There is a complex network of stakeholders, checkpoints, budgets, testing, selling that needs to happen to make the dream reality. And that’s just next years refresh, never mind the 3 year big idea pipeline.

What to expect…

Led by Richard Heath and a panel of seasoned client-side R&D FMCG leaders with backgrounds from leading global giants such as Pepsico, ABF, Whitworths, Nestle and Kimberly-Clark, our guest speakers know what it takes to drive real innovation.

The webinar is now available for you to watch on-demand so you can hear real war stories, and inspiration from those who have been there and done it in leading businesses with top brands.

Blue Yonder’s expert team also shared learnings on the importance of agile research methods. Getting innovation done does require research but it needs to be faster, nimbler and immediately actionable. How can that work in parallel with, and de-risk, those major stage gate sign offs?

This webinar covers:

  • Practical barriers to innovation: sharing real case studies and the challenges faced in bringing innovations to market
  • Strategies and solutions employed to overcome challenges
  • Getting to market and beyond: because the post-launch support and planning, is frequently where it all falls down
  • The growth of agile and automated methods in de-risking large scale innovation testing
  • Real-life examples and case studies demonstrating successful implementation

Watch On-Demand:

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Meet the speakers…

John McAughtrie
R&D Director and Transformation Consultant
Piper Kennett Ltd

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Michelle Roberts
Brand and Innovation Strategist
Red Line Foundry Ltd

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Richard Heath - Managing Director at Blue Yonder

Richard Heath
Managing Director
Blue Yonder Research

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Kate Binner Head of Sense:lab Blue Yonder Research

Kate Binner
Head of R&D Insight
Blue Yonder Research

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Key takeaways:

  • Real-World Insights: Gain valuable insights from experienced client-side R&D leads who have faced and overcome practical barriers to innovation in real-world scenarios.
  • Understanding Challenges: Understand the common challenges faced in bringing innovations to market, including resource constraints, regulatory hurdles, consumer acceptance issues, supply chain complexities, commercial expectations and processes, and competitive landscape challenges.
  • Strategies for Success: Learn about the strategies and solutions employed by industry experts to overcome these challenges and successfully launch innovative products and services.
  • Agile and Automated Methods: Explore the growth of agile and automated methods in de-risking large scale innovation testing. Understand how these methods can streamline the innovation process and enhance the chances of market success.
  • Practical Takeaways: Leave the webinar with practical takeaways and actionable advice that can be applied to your own innovation projects, helping you navigate the journey from idea to market reality more effectively.

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