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In the Moment Matters

We are all trying to live in the moment more; we know it’s where the happy, healthy people are. We see this in the success of wellness platforms, and the growth of services offering us more ‘mindful’ ways to live.

We also see it in the popularity of more analogue means of living; pour over coffee shops where you wait twenty minutes for a cup, the resurgence of vinyl for a more active listening experience.

So it’s no surprise that brands are seeking opportunities to be in the moment with us. And that brands that achieve a genuine connection in the moment are the ones that grow.

In parallel, as an insight community, we have learned more about how the brain works; System 1, low attention spans, nudging, split-second decision making. Only if we’re there in the moment with consumers, not mining memories after the fact, can we truly trust the data we collect and pivot quickly for commercial growth.

Digital = measurability, but 6 out of 7 days a week are offline

Getting really into the moment with consumers has always been tricky for traditional techniques. We need to be where consumers are, so increased time spent online has given us a great opportunity to get closer. We can now follow online purchase journeys moment by moment, decision by decision.

We have wonderful new ways to understand how consumers interact online; how they talk about brands, how this leads to purchase. Both micro-moments and the zero moment of truth can be well understood, and savvy brand owners have a strong tool kit in place to uncover this insight.

However, whilst most of us always have our phones with us, we still only spend a day a week of our time online. Most of our lives are – shock! – still lived in the real, physical world. If you’re only measuring in the moment digitally, you’re missing out on up to 85% of consumers’ time.

The challenge of measuring real life moments

Until now, unless a full ethnographic study can be justified (which is rare), research only manages to get close to the moment, not in it. We all know the challenges of traditional surveys, which come in long after the moment has passed.

Neuroscientific techniques (e.g. Affectiva’s excellent Facial Coding, or Neurofocus headbands) have revealed the implicit like never before, but the technology has yet to be scaled to use with consumers in the real world, away from a lens, when they’re out and about using products and interacting with services.

Mobile and app-based approaches asking consumers to record when they see/do/interact with something get us adjacent to the moment,  but they are effortful, clunky and un-user friendly;  respondents try their best, but when you have to get your phone out of your bag, open the app and make a note, many subtle but important interactions are missed (and that’s if accessing the phone is socially acceptable and/or safe).

Blue Yonder’s research shows that there is a sharp uptick in app responses when consumers are prompted – they need a reminder. Despite proximity, phones are not intuitive methods for recording information.

Technology allows us to understand where a consumer is (e.g. GPS) and what their body is doing at the time (e.g. heart rate), but without a link to emotion – how did I feel when I walked past the ad/event, why did my heart rate rise in the supermarket aisle? – actionability is very tough.

Clickscape: the real-life measure of moment

To get truly in the moment we needed something in the real world, intuitive and instinctive.

So we invented Clickscape.

Clickscape is a wearable device that allows consumers to register their response to any stimulus immediately, and discreetly, with the click of a button. It’s a new kind of metric.

The patented button is worn as a badge or bracelet. It records 2 binary measures at the exact moment they occur. Wearers simply click as they think, feel, sense or observe. Measures can be positive(one click) or negative (2 clicks).

The intuitive, instinctive nature of Clickscape provides a richness of in-the-moment data we simply don’t see with other tools. Clickscape is 7 times more responsive than mobile apps. It also shows no relationship with prompting. This is real, in-the-moment feedback.

The technology behind Clickscape, though simple to use, is sophisticated. Data is immediately linked back to other measures via an app on the wearers phone. We can link to location or biometrics, and of course, all feedback can be reported back live, so insight can be gleaned quickly, and action taken.

Clickscape means faster, better decisions

At Blue Yonder our innovation comes from genuine client need. Clickscape is no different. Our partner IFF, a world leading fragrance house, found that traditional product testing metrics were no longer predicting sales.

Rather than simple ‘liking’, collected in labs, Clickscape proved that frequency of noticing a scent in the real world drives purchase. ‘Liking’ matters, but it’s frequency of experiencing it that matters far more.

Fragrances scoring well on likeability but failing to sell were noticed in fewer real-world moments. Fragrances scoring as average on ‘liking’ but selling incredibly well, were noticed in far more moments, across a longer period.

Measuring moments increased our ability to predict sales performance. Simply, this is because it’s real moments that matter to real people.

IFF have now adopted Clickscape, giving them exclusive ability to offer fragrances tried and tested in moments as well as labs.

Clickscape: truly in the moment

Moments matter, regardless of the category. If you need to get closer or would like to hear more detail on the IFF story, get in touch.

Clickscape is ready.

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