Blue Yonder Q3 Innovation Awards

We are delighted to announce the winners of the Blue Yonder Q2 Innovation Awards!

Each quarter, Hannah Kirk hosts the Innovation Review, in which each Blue Yonder department presents their latest innovation. The Blue Yonder team then votes on the best innovation, and the best presentation!

Best Innovation was awarded to Mike & Adam of Panel Solutions for creating a system which allow us more effectively to track referrals onto the panel- creating a unique and trackable referral link for each participant.

Best presentation was awarded to The Qual team! Qual created a ‘project lifecycle document’ to support new starters in the team. The multipurpose document provides an overview of all the key element to running a project. The team presented this innovation in the form of ‘Blue Yonder Planet’, a short documentary “featuring” the David Attenborough.

And finally, a massive congratulations to Karol Kulesza who is the very first winner of the most innovative delivery throughout the quarter!

The innovation Awards are at the heart of Blue Yonders #innovationculture & we look forward to celebrating our future winners!

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