Blue Yonder signs the MRS Inclusion Pledge

Blue Yonder has added its name to the UK Market Research Society (MRS) Inclusion Pledge.

Delighted to announce our involvement with this initiative. It’s a plan for action rather than sentiment and intentions. It includes specifics like salary sharing and benchmarking, and action plans for doing recruitment differently. More details on the MRS website HERE.

As a fast growing, but still relatively smaller agency (50 of us and counting), it’s a moment of pride to have reached a point where we have the resources and people in place to move beyond values and ethos, and start to plan and act systematically and strategically on D&I. Building the right systems for the long term. Big shout out to Karen Schofield, our first Head of People Growth Strategy who is leading the way with a happy band of volunteers from across the BY team. This area is as much about how you plan as what you do.

Perhaps our most important value is Authenticity. It’s about being your true self. Anyone that knows Blue Yonder knows that’s just been in the DNA since the start. Why be anyone else? I love working in agencies for this very reason. More different people is just more interesting. It’s also critical to delivering great work. Diversity creates the best ideas. The best innovation.

It’s great to see the MRS adding practical frameworks like this. More to come and more to be done.