Clickscape: Understanding the compounding effect of moments

Every interaction with a brand no matter where we are in the purchase journey leaves an impression, positive or negative. And there are so many more of these that we think there are.

In Brand:Lab and Blue Yonder we refer to this as understanding the journey in HD detail.

But how do you find these, and discover which your brand is… owning? doing badly in? In the case of sustainable moments, that I mentioned in my recent post, over or under investing in?

It’s hard to know unless you study category consumers and see how they actually behave and where your brand fits into that day to day.

Not by sending them a survey and asking them about their moments (recall becomes an approximation, no edges there!), rather by capturing the micro moments.

When they see advertising, When they want to do something sustainable but they are unable to. The hidden moments. The moments that people forget in surveys, but really grate or uplift them day to day.

Enter Clickscape, one of Blue Yonder’s innovation tools, which is ideal for this.

One of things that attracted me to Streetbees back in 2019 when I left Morar was the notion of capturing real not claimed behaviour.

Brilliant I thought.

But diary based logging (find app, open app, enter data) has its drawbacks. One of which is interrupting the moment. By getting people to open an app and tell us about the moment we lose the natural behaviour.

Clickscape, Blue Yonder’s patented tool, quite brilliantly overcomes this.

Why? Because it has been deliberately designed to not interrupt the moment. The buttons are on their fingers, round their necks or whatever works for them.

Easy to access, easy to log.

We therefore capture behaviour that was previously invisible, because it’s so easy to log these moments.

Our resident Clickscape expert Hannah Kirk regularly gives presentations on Clickscape, she’ll be at IIeX in the US in the next couple of weeks, and you can find a recent talk she gave at Sheffield University on Blue Yonder’s YouTube channel (or drop me a message), it’s fantastic!

Ready to understand your moments of truth, learn more about clickscape or your SusMOTs? Get in touch!

Mat Sloan

Head, Brand:lab

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