Consumer Panel Expands to Meet Exceptional Demand

Sensory Consumer Panel Growth

We’re thrilled to announce the remarkable growth of our sensory consumer testing panel: Sense:Buds 

Sense:buds is a community of over 12,000 active product testers managed by our expert in-house panel recruitment team led by Ellie Atack. Over the last 12 months the panel has experienced an unprecedented surge in growth due to the demand for high quality, pre-qualified participants. These active participants have been returning higher than industry standard response rates, which in turn has had a positive impact in reducing the cost for clients to fulfil their product tests.  

This growth is a culmination of various factors: at the start of 2023, we hired Dan Brennan as our Communications and Engagement Executive. Over the last 10 months, Dan has steadily nurtured our panel and increased it by a huge 78%, together with a dedicated team behind outreach and targeted recruitment on projects. This has increased our panel by an incredible 93% from this time last year. 

Sense:buds puts the participants first, ensuring they feel valued, offering them a unique opportunity to influence the development of new products and ensure that brands reach the right levels of quality that consumers expect. 

The expansion of Sense:Buds reflects not only on the success of Blue Yonder’s commitment to consumer-driven innovation but also the enthusiastic response from our growing community. Their dedication to providing valuable feedback on a wide range of consumer products has been a driving force behind the program’s expansion. 

The doubling in size of Sense:Buds will enable Blue Yonder to work with an even broader spectrum of industries and brands, further enhancing the impact of consumer feedback on product development and ensuring that products on the market better align with consumer needs. 

If you would like more information about our active community, Sense:buds, which offers dedicated participants from a wide range of demographics, please give us a call on  +44 (0)113 204 4020 or email [email protected].

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Sensory consumer panel growth - Sensebuds
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