Creating Superiority

The challenge

There comes a point when excellence is expected in deos. The bar is set so high it’s hard to meaningfully move it any further upwards. Scientific measures and sensory panels register a difference, but differences only matter if they are consumer perceivable. Where traditional qual and quant won’t pull it out, what do you do? How do you convince buyers to stock your product? How do you justify a price increase? You put it to the extreme. We needed sweat. Lots of it. Beautiful, engaging, storytelling, compelling sweat…to create a deo story which would speak to Buyers and Consumers globally.

What we did

We found multicultural pro dancers. We put the product to the test. REALLY to the test. Hours and hours of high octane rehearsals in heated studios: we filmed real life. In real time. To TVC standard. The difference was real. It changed the deo game. It changed the R&D game: it gave the team a voice which powered through brand teams and straight to TV. It got us stocked. It got us sold. It got the bar moved even higher.