Celebrating Blue Yonder’s Innovation Awards

Q1 2024

At Blue Yonder we believe that to foster a culture of innovation, it need to be celebrated across the company. Each quarter, we gather to celebrate the many innovations across our teams. Every team presents their most notable innovation of the quarter, and the entire company votes for their favourite innovation and presentation. While all innovations are valuable, only one can win the esteemed ‘Innovation of the Quarter’ Award.

🏆 Best Internal Innovation

The Lab took home the award for their innovation of integrating a new AI method into their processes. They have already realised the value of AI in increasing efficiency through automation, saving hundreds of hours of resource time, and boosting quality actionable insights using the new tech.  We are excited to join the trend and become an AI-assisted research agency.

Blue Yonder's Lab team - Best Innovation

🥇Best Client Innovation

Marketing and New Clients for their Momentous marketing campaign! Over the course of a month, the marketing team executed a meticulously planned social media campaign to promote Momentous, the research industry’s first in-the-moment tool kit. Through case studies, infographics, insight articles, and interview-style promotion videos the campaign received over 13,000 LinkedIn impressions and truly put Momentous on the map.

Blue Yonder's Marketing Team - Client Innovation Award

📽️Best Presentation

Best Presentation went to the Qual team for their incredibly creative video showcasing how they went the extra mile in preparation for a Trans-Atlantic project in the States! We love it when teams come together and use their creativity, not only to innovate, but to communicate these to the broader team and increase collective learning.

The Qual Team - Best Presentation
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