Blue Yonder Innovation Awards

Q2: April to June 2023

We are proud to announce the winners of our Quarterly Innovation Award for Q2! The competition was incredible for this quarter, arguably our best review yet! Everyone in the team has worked so hard and presented their innovations fantastically, however we did manage to vote on the very worthy winners…

Innovative Delivery

Abbie and Adam for the Innovative Delivery of the quarter for turning a mammoth amount of insight into a truly beautiful and engaging report which delighted their clients.

Best Presentation

Tom Wing for the best presentation of the review, where he hilariously and intelligently showcased his new method of creating data even quicker and better than before!

ūüŹÜ Innovation of the Quarter

And the winners of the innovation of the quarter goes to Alex Kay and Hope Jowett for their amazing new way of capturing footage on body cams to really understand the detail of consumer interactions ‚Äď this innovation was a standout amongst the fierce competition so a huge congrats to the two of you!

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