Blue Yonder Innovation Awards

Q3 2023

Each quarter, we come together to applaud the multitude of innovations within our teams. Every team showcases their most notable innovation of the quarter, and the entire company participates by voting for their preferred innovation and presentation. Although every innovation is significant, only one entry can win the prestigious ‘Innovation of the Quarter’ Award.

We are delighted to reveal the recipients of the Quarterly Innovation Award for Q3, in the following three categories:

🏆 Innovation of the Quarter

The prestigious Innovation of the Quarter prize has been awarded to our Qual team for piloting powerful AI in running online projects. Through the automation of formerly lengthy and repetitive tasks, the Qual team can now allocate their time more efficiently and purposefully, concentrating on delivering impactful insights for our clients.

Innovative Delivery

The whole Lab team was chosen for the Innovative Delivery of the quarter for their amazing delivery on the recent ‘Exercise & Movement’ study. This has been a really complex and demanding piece of work that the whole team has dedicated themselves to. The ongoing challenges of this project have led to the need for constant innovations!

Best Presentation

The Best Presentation Award at our Quarterly Innovation ceremony goes to our phenomenal Field Ops team, whose creativity and ingenuity shone through an ABBA Dancing Queen parody cover. Their presentation highlighted a fresh, innovative approach to our logistics, showcasing strategic insourcing decisions and fostering a more sustainable and cost-effective model. This innovative solution embodies our commitment to efficiency, resourcefulness, and collaborative success.

Top Innovative Contributions

Hannah Kirk, our esteemed Innovation Manager, presented the awards. Here’s what she said about the Q3 awards:

“I am continually inspired by all the amazing work going on across the company, each quarter everyone seems to be raising the bar! It was another fantastic meeting showcasing their great work. The best part for me is the wide variety of things that everyone is working on, from internal innovations, to consumer improvements, through to delivering those all important edges for our clients by coming up with new and different ways of doing things. It’s brilliant to see it all come together in the quarterly meeting and for us all to see the great day-to-day innovations that make our world a better place!”

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