Welcome to the Innovation Masterclass Series 2022

– Powered by Blue Yonder & AURA

The Innovation Master Class 2022 is a partnership between Aura Insight, the UK’s biggest client-side research networking and events organisation, and Blue Yonder, an agency renowned for its innovative mindset and real-world impact.

Over the course of 4 conversations, Blue Yonder talked with representatives from industry-leading companies to learn how they practically approach innovation.

Our Partnership:


Blue Yonder innovate to create insight that gives your business a genuine edge. …to give our clients the insights they can’t get anywhere else. We are detail and action orientated, so that you get the knowledge that your competitors don’t have.

It’s about finding a way to win.

It’s about doing things differently, not just for the sake of it, but because to get the edge over your competitors, you need to get insight that they don’t have, and you need to use it.

It’s about real world impact.


AURA is exclusively for clientside research and insight professionals seeking to raise their expertise and impact within their organisations. Through our events and resources we offer members continuing personal development, inspiration and peer-to-peer networking support