About The Talk

Date: 16th June 2022…………..Time: 10am BST

Hannah Rogers and Ben Diamant (Head of Product, OONI) sit down to discuss how we can overcome barriers. Exploring the questions: ‘how can we onboard stakeholders to drive innovation?’ & ‘How can we join the cross function, practical dots to make it happen?’

Ben Diamant is the Head of Product (Special Projects) for OONI Pizza Ovens.

About The Company

OONI has gained a reputation for bringing innovation to the pizza oven industry. Designing and making their own ovens, OONI believes everyone deserves AMAZING pizza.

Since its launch Ooni has grown into a multi-award-winning business that sells products all over the world. Ooni’s founders are so stoked to have brought in a mind-blowing team of international dynamos. HQ’d in Scotland they also have Ooni team members in the US and mainland Europe. they live, work, play, and hire their our values and they think this shows.

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