Blue Yonder Celebrates Patents Win for Clickscape®

We are thrilled to announce the recent grant of patents in the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe for our ground-breaking technology, Clickscape®. This significant milestone comes after a 5-year journey of relentless dedication to pioneering ‘In The Moment’ emotive measurement solutions. 

Clickscape®, invented and developed by our own in-house specialist team, is a cutting edge technology designed to measure emotions linked to events in real time. It provides as yet, unseen and unachievable user data and invaluable insights into consumer or patient behaviour and preferences. The brand new research technology records, tracks and diagnoses moments exactly as they are happening, at the simple click of a button. The device is worn by the user without interruption, generating unbiased real-world frequency metrics. 

The recently granted patents underscore the unique and proprietary nature of Clickscape®, solidifying our position as a trailblazer in the field of emotive healthcare insight. The patented technology enables businesses to gauge consumer or patient emotions immediately throughout the course of their interactions, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of user experience, proven to be 15 x more responsive than app based methods. 

We have has successfully leveraged Clickscape® with several blue-chip clients, offering a competitive edge with this new metric to better understand their consumers or patients. The platform’s ability to validate fragrance, product or experience performance, as well as record medical symptoms or other hard to reach moments unveils previously unreachable insight. Clickscape® has positioned Blue Yonder as a valuable partner to companies seeking to enhance their products, services and offerings. It allows these companies true understanding of the key moments within the experience.  

We are excited to share Clickscape® with the world, allowing businesses of all sizes to access this revolutionary technology, along with their associated toolkit. We believe that Clickscape® has the potential to transform the way companies understand and respond to consumer reactions and patient emotions, ultimately leading to more informed and strategic decisions. 

As Clickscape® continues to gain traction in the market, we are committed to advancing the field of emotive analytics, contributing to the evolution of consumer insights, healthcare and market research. 

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Clickscape in the moment research button
Jonathan Million, CIO, creating Clickscape in the lab

Jonathan Million doing what he loves best: innovating in the lab during the creation of Clickscape®

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