Using agile methods to derisk final validation testing and prove superiority faster

Agility is more than just speed. It is Speed X Flexibility.  

Join Blue Yonder Research at EUROSENSE 2024 for an engaging and inspirational workshop, led by Kate Binner, Head of R&D Insight.

Let’s reengineer decades-old testing stage gates and protocols, using more agile approaches.  

Discover how to derisk and evolve traditional testing towards a more iterative cycle of consumer closeness and product understanding.  

Product testing will always involve a physical product in the hands of people. But the latest automation and AI, before and after the actual test, can change the game.  

Key take-aways:

Embracing Agile Research:

  • Refresh the principles of agility: what can it mean when done well? Rapid processes, streamlined fieldwork, fast feedback loops, flexibility of insight 
  • What does a more consistent approach mean for databasing and validation? With a more consistent approach can we begin to validate and preempt the test results themselves?

Introducing SPRINT from Blue Yonder:

  • Rapid setup, preset samples, focused questionnaires, fast and easy-to-use outputs.
  • Discuss what can be achieved with smaller, more nimble sample sizes to foster a culture of agility and fast feedback.

Join us to revolutionise product testing, get to market faster and ultimately drive growth.

Let’s put the F in FMCG.  

Sign up to reserve your place:

Tuesday 10th September at 07:30 am in Hall 3

Don’t worry, we know it’s early so we’ll provide coffee and pastries!

Putting the F in FMCG: Agile methods to prove faster superiority
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