Unlocking the Secrets of Randomisation in Product Testing

A Strategy for Eliminating Bias

In the complex world of product testing, understanding human behaviour is crucial. Did you know that humans inherently struggle with randomisation? When asked to test products in a sequence they choose, bias patterns emerge which can skew results and insights.

Humans, as decision-makers, are prone to cognitive biases that can significantly influence their perceptions, preferences, and judgments. One such bias is the propensity for non-randomised decision-making, wherein individuals exhibit a preference for certain sequences or options, even in seemingly random scenarios. Additionally, the phenomenon of primacy and recency bias further increases this bias, as individuals tend to remember and prioritise items encountered early or late in a sequence.

The Repercussions of Bias

The repercussions of bias in product testing are profound and far-reaching. Biased evaluations can lead to skewed results, inaccurate conclusions, and misguided decisions, ultimately undermining the integrity of the testing process.  For instance, labelling products with simple tags like A, B, C, etc., consumers have the tendency to favour products labelled with “A”. This subtle yet significant inclination can distort perceptions, and artificially elevate the perceived value of those products, leading to inaccurate product evaluations and outcomes. Similarly, non-randomised testing sequences can introduce systematic patterns that compromise the validity of test outcomes, rendering them susceptible to manipulation and misinterpretation.

True randomisation is a common challenge in product testing. So, how do we navigate these challenges at Blue Yonder?

Randomisation with a Twist

In order to overcome this challenge, Blue Yonder innovated a strategy that not only acknowledges these human tendencies but actively counters them. By assigning each product a unique, randomly generated 3-character code, we eliminate the alphabetical preference bias right from the start.

A Meticulously Crafted Plan

But we didn’t stop there. Each respondent is provided with a meticulously crafted randomisation plan. This ensures that products are tested in diverse sequences across participants, thereby facilitating balanced exposure and minimising the potential for systematic biases. Additionally, Blue Yonder exercises strict control over the pairing of products during testing, ensuring that testing sequences are as randomised as possible and pre-empting the emergence of discernible patterns.

Through the implementation of these measures, Blue Yonder aims to attain a more authentic and unbiased understanding of product performance, facilitating data-driven decision-making and fostering superior product development outcomes.

At Blue Yonder, we’re not just testing products; we’re perfecting the art of unbiased evaluation. Join us on this journey towards innovation and excellence.

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