Comprehensive Insights to Launch a New Acrylic Paint

Brushing towards sustainability: launching a new acrylic paint line through the precise recruitment of a digital US community and comprehensive, engaged insights…

The Challenge:

A leading provider of art materials aimed to explore the viability of introducing a new sustainable line of acrylic paint with environmentally friendly ingredients. The challenge was to assess the performance of these paints against conventional acrylics, understand artists’ preferences, and determine the market potential for a sustainable product. Additionally, the client was having serious issues recruiting for their study. With the HUT due in just a few days, the need to identify and engage a specific sample of artists for an online qualitative study was pressing. Previous attempts by other providers had fallen short, struggling to locate individuals with a deep understanding of acrylic paint, especially those aligned with specific criteria such as age, gender, brand preference, and engagement with the research.

The Solution:

To overcome the recruitment challenges we implemented our expertly crafted recruitment process to target specific segments of artists in the US who met the client’s detailed criteria. Prospective participants underwent a comprehensive online screening questionnaire, and the team pursued a rigorous follow-up process to ensure the qualification of participants. Finally, validation was conducted through video calls to confirm suitability. Then, with our panel ready to go, we initiated a 10-day Home Use Test (HUT) to test the new paint samples. Artists provided comprehensive feedback through videos, pictures, and written surveys, offering valuable insights into their experiences. To delve deeper, 2-hour Zoom focus groups were conducted, segregating hobbyists and professionals. These sessions addressed the in-use experience, attitudes toward environmentally friendly products, and discussions on potential names, product claims, packaging, and acceptable pricing.

The Result:

The impact of this research was profound. We successfully conducted the online qualitative study with participants who not only met the specified criteria but also demonstrated a high level of engagement throughout the process. The participants recruited went above and beyond, providing rich and detailed feedback. Our comprehensive findings and strategic recommendations provided a solid foundation for the successful launch of the new acrylic paint. By focusing on quality, clear communication, and strategic pricing, the art materials provider was able to navigate the challenges and capture a significant market share, meeting the demands and expectations of both professionals and hobbyists in the art community.

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